Surreal Moment Of The Week

Larry King Live is airing its repeat (I know, I know-- that's a contradiction, but so is Larry). In the promo bumper leading into the show, King announces that his guest tonight is Kid Rock. "It could be a wild hour," Larry enthuses, bringing to mind Dana Carvey's old "Carsenio" routines on Saturday Night Live ("This is some wild, wacky stuff!"). "Our guest tonight is Kid Rock. He's got a terrific new album out..." And then, as Mr. Rock is taking his seat, Larry gets all hep on us: "Have a seat, m'man!" he tells the Kid.

Larry King: Kid Rock fan. You read it hear first.


boolise said…
Wow. Just, wow. What would it be like if Mr. Rock and Mr. Top (as in Carrot) and Mr. Loaf (as in Meat) got together and recorded something? Ol' Larry could be their DJ and spin them some mad scratchez.

I wonder, though, if it could beat Charlie Rose making puppy dog eyes at Maureen Dowd and practically begging her to love him?

LOVE the mug shot. And you wonder how the world got repopulated in the '70s, despite the atrocious fashions. That shirt alone makes women go all wombalicious and yell "Fill me with your little babies!" (like in Peter's Friends).
Cinephile said…
Lary King, Carrot Top, Meat Loaf and Kid Rock=best Surreal Life EVER.

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