Dream Text

Early morning dream: I'm reading a book (a common dream for me, especially at the end of a teaching semester), but the text keeps fading and reappearing, going in and out of focus. The type is ornate and difficult to decipher, and seems to change size ever so slightly, shrinking as it comes back into focus. I don't know what the book is about, but I'm compelled to keep reading, despite my frustration.


WelcometoLA said…
Interesting. Here's my dream/nightmare: I've written the brilliant novel that in the back of my mind I know I can write (don't we all?), full of rich characterization and elegant plot. Then, I wake up. I can remember how brilliant it is. But I can't remember a word of it.
Brian Doan said…
Hi Larry,
I've had that kind of dream, too! Sometimes it's a book, sometimes a brilliant argument for a paper, sometimes a course syllabus. And I wake up and only remember that I dreamed it, not the specifics of whatever it was.
Anonymous said…
My own teaching/writing related dreams inevitably come down to forgetting about a course I was supposed to be teaching. I think this is a variation on the one I had when I was a student (forgetting about the course I was taking).

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