Voice Activated

The latest issue of the Obie publication Wilder Voice is out, and contains my article about Jack Kirby and comics criticism. I scanned through it, and while I can always spot the flaws in my own writing ("Why didn't I cut that sentence??"), I have nothing but praise for the job the staff did laying it out, adding images, and making it look spiffy. In fact, the whole issue is cool, slick, keen, and groovy, with smart articles, striking photographs, witty poems, and an overall design aesthetic that's clean and professional. I am proud to be a part of it, and I want to thank the remarkable John West, editor-in-chief Heather Jones, and everyone else on staff for putting together such a kick-ass issue. If you are able, pick up an issue as the school year comes to a close, and luxuriate in this group's fine work.


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