Quick Takes: "Ha HA!" Edition

--As a Gators fan, this news fills me with indescribable schadenfreude (yes, I am petty). What makes the defrocking of Ron Zook especially sweet is that Ticonderoga spokesman/former Burt Reynolds roomate/football 'analyst' Lee Corso predicted an Illini victory on Gameday this morning (maybe he and Zook are part of the Gray-haired Good Ol' Boys Club, and can't bet against each other). When I lived in Gatortown, there was great (and justified) relief at Zook's firing, but also a fascinating resentment among some callers, who felt that Zook got a raw deal, despite his mediocre record. I never understood that, and understand the media fascination with Illinois even less-- but then, Zook would hardly be the first gray-haired, underqualified, defiantly inarticulate good old boy the media propped up beyond his expiration date.

--Brian De Palma might be involved in a controversy combining politics, ego, art, narcissism, and insensitivity? Wow-- who could've imagined that?

--This is...is...just beyond words. Whether it's real or, as the update suggests, the work of hackers, it just beggars the imagination. Truly. But remember, it's those bloggers who are lowering the discourse.


Greg said…
And let's not forget - LSU and California (Numbers 1 and 2) LOST!!! Ha ha. Come on now, sing it with me: Oh yeah we're movin' on up (Movin' on up) To the east side (Movin' on up) to a deluxe position in the po-oh-olls Oh yeah we're movin' on up (Movin' on up) To the east side (Movin' on up) We finally may get ranked number five!
Greg said…
Dammit, number six. So close. But the Pats baby! 48-27. Woo, woo, woo.
Brian Doan said…
Maybe next week for the gamecocks-- I suspect the closeness of the game at the end caused them to not go into the top 5. I kind of hope your sox pull it out, too, but it should be a good series anyway. And although the pats aren't my team, I"m always happy to see the hated cowboys go down.
Larry Aydlette said…
You know, the four-hour Petty doc by Peter Bogdanovich comes out tomorrow, including a DVD of the Gainesville concert?
Brian Doan said…
No, I didn't know-- I saw it premiered (or played, anyway), at the NYFF, but didn't know it was going to be on DVD so soon. I'm a fan of both petty and peter, so I'll have to see if it's available on Netflix. Thanks for the heads-up!

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