Ironic McCain Line Of The Night

Critiquing Obama:

"We need more flexibility in a President's judgment than that."

...There are no words. Truly.

Also, John McCain? On Veterans' benefits? Frack you. Your POW pass has expired.


Greg said…
Obama! McCain didn't hear a word Obama said. When Obama repeatedly pointed out McCain untruths McCain just kept going. I'm glad to see Obama did so well.

And this is off-topic, but I wanted to stop by and say your dream inspired me to post a favorite moment so I'll hope you'll check it out.
Brian Doan said…
Yeah, I was happy to see Obama do well, too. I just hope he gets the bounce, or the spin, or whatever term you prefer-- I do worry about what conservative pundits will say to help McCain (Gore did OK, too, but they made it seem like he lost). Still, I'm pretty optimistic.

Thanks for the heads-up about your post! I am headed to your blog now...

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