Storming The Village

This has been making the rounds all day, so you've probably seen it by now. Still, it brings together my love of Chris Rock and my frustration with the Clintons so perfectly that I have to post it.

What's notable to me is not just Rock's riff, which is typically hilarious, but the explosion of laughter and applause when Rock dares to mention the elephant in the room. A politician as immensely gifted as Bill Clinton should really take note, and Hillary Clinton-- brilliant on policy, but not nearly as talented a pol as her husband--should make notice, too, especially as she and her husband seem eager to plan for 2012. It's not just lefty blogs and Obama supporters who are frustrated with their passive-aggressive 'support,' but millions of voters and scared citizens who are desperate for change, and rightly terrified of the war-hungry theocracy that a McCain-Palin administration would bring. I think Paul Slansky mostly has it right here: to give anything but full-throated support to their party's candidate would only confirm that, per Hillary's convention speech, it really wasn't about the ideas of her campaign-- it was just about them.


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