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From conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan, on Sarah Palin:

Increasingly, she seems like a character in a Ricky Gervais comedy: caught in endless confabulations and not skilled enough to get away with them.


Anonymous said…
I do love the American office, but I forget how good Gervais and company could be. "Wow...I'm angry...and not because I'm in it...but because, it degrades women...which I hate" [looks directly at camera for approval] Also, as much as I love Dwight, I also tend to forget what a funny presence Gareth was.
Brian Doan said…
I know-- it's a much different style (and at this point I think I prefer the more three-dimensional humanism of the American version), but there's a laser-sharp, take-no-prisoners brilliance to the original's comedy that it's nice to return to every once in a while. And I do love those glances towards the camera that you note: for me, the laughs in Gervais's work come from the combination of arrogance and insecurity that those glances embody.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely--there's always a pause before he realizes that he's on camera. Carrell often does the same thing quite well on the American version. And I agree with you on the distinction here--though I truly love what Gervais and co. have done on this show (brilliance is right)!

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