They Want Her On That Wall, They Need Her On That Wall

Let's see...Mocking "community organizing" while organizing 527's for Ted Stevens, taking in millions in earmarks that your own running mate opposed, acting as if the law doesn't apply to you, and trying to fire librarians who don't acquiesce to your will by banning the books you find offensive?

There's a word for someone who does all that...What is it, what is it?...Oh, that's right:


Still, for all of her flaws, I more and more believe that Sarah Palin won't be dumped by McCain, even after she and Rudy Giuliani took turns playing Col. Jessup at last night's sparsely attended Republican shindig. If anything, she's more valuable to the ticket than he is-- the most reactionary, theocratic elements of the base lurve her in a way that they don't love McCan't, and his willingness to embarrass himself on television this week in her defense speaks as much to his fear of that base as it does his own pride or embarassment at the disaster his pick has become. The McCant campaign's willingness to expose themselves to such bad publicity this week speaks of poor vetting, true-- but it also suggests their desire to make the race about almost anything except John McCain. Because, when it's about John McCain, the Republicans lose.


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