23 Days of Christmas: The Shop Around The Corner


Greg said…
Hey Brian did you add this video using the "add video" option on Blogger where you can add a video from your hard drive? I tried it earlier with my banner video but couldn't get it to work so I had to upload it to YouTube and do it from there but I prefer the crispness of this better. And what's with pictures in blogger now? Instead of having their own http location they open on your computer's picture viewer. How annoying.
Brian Doan said…
Actually, I just did a search on Google video, and found it. I actually wanted the moment when Frank Morgan's character tries to invite everyone for Christmas dinner, but couldn't find it online. Alas, I have not learned how to download/upload video clips from DVDs yet, but I guess that would be a handy skill to have.

There are also a numer of stewart/sullavan/Shop music mash-ups on YouTube, if you're interested.

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