23 Days of Christmas: The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)


Jonathan Lapper said…
I watched this a few years ago from a bootleg and now here it is in five minutes on YouTube. Much better at five minutes. And what's up with Mark Hamill? Was this his transgender period?
Cinephile said…
I saw it when it first came on tv, and it was incredibly traumatic for my five-year-old brain; I just kept thinking "When are they gonna have space battles? WHY ARE THEY ALL SINGING??"

I honestly wonder if Mark Hamill's appearance has to do with the car accident he was in around this time. Maybe the make-up and such is to cover the scars? I don't know if it's an urban legend, but I heard he was messed up pretty badly in that wreck.
Jonathan Lapper said…
As far as I know the accident happened after this and shortly before principle filming of Empire which is why Lucas wrote in the Hoth scene with Luke being injured and then having to recuperate. It "explained" the scars.

I think in this Hamill was just being glam. Maybe he was into Bowie at the time.
Cinephile said…
Ah, ok-- I couldn't remember exactly when the accident happened, but your timeline makes sense. Well, maybe Hamill was just hoping all that makeup would make him unrecognizable amidst the Special's silliness?

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