Give That Woman A Cigar!

From Salon's War Room section:

"Appearing on NPR's "Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me" over the weekend, [White House Press Secretary] Perino said she "panicked" when she got the Cuban missile crisis question because she wasn't exactly sure what the Cuban missile crisis was. "I really know nothing about the Cuban missile crisis," Perino said. "It had to do with Cuba and missiles, I'm pretty sure."


Jonathan Lapper said…
My god, I read Thirteen Days when I was in the freaking eigth grade. This is insanely embarrassing. Jesus Christ, is there an ignorance test one has to pass to work for Bush?
Cinephile said…
I know-- I don't expect everything to be famous or common knowledge, but isn't this moment of nuclear near-destruction pretty well-known? At least for people who work in politics and government?

My only hope is that maybe Perino was playing along with the format of the NPR comedy show, and saying this tongue-in-cheek.
boolise said…
Color me even more shocked that someone from the Bush administration showed up on NPR than that she didn't know about the CMC. Horrific as the latter is, somehow it makes sense.

But still. Wow. Glad she does briefings about WAR and stuff! That'll really make me confident next time she smarms and patronizes a reporter asking about military matters.

Days like today make me very sad there's no new Daily Show for a while.
Cinephile said…
Many, many years ago, Conan O'Brien did this funny sketch where Andy Richter became the new WH press secretary. At first, his response to every question was a "I don't know" and a shrug of his shoulders, and it eventually escalates into Richter forcibly attacking reporters to cover up his ignorance.

There are days when I think that would be a huge IQ leap forward from the current administration.
boolise said…
I like the Richter thing. It'd be great if the press were less like a corresponding ChrisFarleyShow! Chris Farley--"You remember that time, when we invaded Iraq? That was awesome! And, and, and, you remember that time, when the president landed on that aircraft carrier, with his package all big and stuff? That was really awesome! Your administration is cool."
Cinephile said…
I never realized the connection between Chris Farley and Chris Matthews!

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